Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Progress ! :)

My three favortie posts that I have typed so far in eight grade are the following.
-Comparing myself with a Character I liked this one very much because I was actually very similar to a character in the book which made it even more interesting for me to read. Also I could imagine my self being in Rue's position.
-Don't Judge others The reason i like this one was because I put some of my experiances when people bully me at school. You know so if the reader is reading my blog they will know what it is like to be bullied and judge for being your self.
-Time Traveling This is the best one I liked because it was so amazing when I was watching the videos on YouTube. I was just like o m g! I didn't even know what to say. Another reason this was my favorite was because I added alot of detail's so the reader can imagine the video with them watching it. Whhich made me really proud of myself! :)
         Well I have two of my posts that I feel are the best examples of my creativity. The first one is The Tale Tell Heart. I think this is very creative because I didn't explain the book in just words I made a pop up book which can make the reader actually want to see my blog post instead of not understanding anything I say if i just type it up. The other posts I also thought was creative was Don't Judge Others because I put my self  in the position of the person being bullied to explain how they feel.
        Some evidence of my growth as a writer is my post of My Perfect World because when I went back and read it i noticed that I use to skip to another topic and not explain what I am trying to say very well. But thanks to Mr. Fulton now I know what needs to be included in my writing so it can turn out good. So now when I write short stories such as Time Traveling & Don't Judge Others, I noticed i actually write a whole lot more and I write as if i was talking to my readers so they can understand better and I also add good description in my stories. 
        What does the World Say About Beauty? I think this post is proof that i am a thinker/learner because even though it was a short passage that I put allot of effort into it. I told the reader an example of how the world would turn out to be if we all had to be a certain way so we could fit in. Also I left them thinking about how it would be if you couldn't tell a certain special person that they are unique because they really aren't since in this world you have to be a certain way just to fit it.

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